Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Survey Research

This post is only tangentially related to Califronia corrections; my apologies about that. I am posting to invite all of you to participate in a web-based survey I am conducting, which examines how people respond to interpersonal problems.

The survey is anonymous and confidential and can be completed in a few minutes. I will very much appreciate your participation, and will be particularly grateful if you forward the link to your friends, colleagues, and students. We are looking for a large, diverse group of respondents.


The survey has been IRB-approved and I am happy to provide the exemption letter upon request.

Thank you,



Robert Link said...

Hadar, I posted at twitter, "Legitimate academic research survey, short and to the point. Please consider taking it simply on my say so? http://xrl.us/berowh" It seemed in keeping with your announcements here and elsewhere not to give more information than that.

Best of luck!

Hadar Aviram said...

Thanks, Robert, I appreciate it.