Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Live Web Streaming of Cate's Response: "We Do Have an Overcrowding Problem"

Watch Secretary Cate's response to the three-judge panel ruling here. The bottom line: the administration has a plan for decrowding over time, but it is not a Federal Court's job to impose such a plan. They are examining the appealability of the decision.

Read the gist of the ruling here.

The simple math: The court order requires the release of about 45,000 inmates. Schwarzenegger's plan is to release 27,300. How are 17,700 additional releases to be achieved?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Cate is an ostrich if he walks into prisons and believes they are clean and providing adequate care. He is seeing what he wants to see. California Medical Facility has psychiatrists who administer visteril for psychotic episodes to severely psychotic inmates and I know that was happening as late as six months ago. This is a very broken system and needs to be restructured. CMF is a 1957 facility that is filthy and they have problems with MRSA and other contagious diseases and will because the place is so filthy. It's a thousand wonders there has not been some sort vile disorder brewed in that overcrowded petri dish. When there is an outbreak of the "flu" or other virus, it is only the inmates who are "quarantined". Staff is free to leave the facility and expose the public to the diseases. They also take those diseases into the prisons so they can fester and become even more virulent.