Thursday, October 20, 2011

CJ Racial Discrim Starts in Schools

We knew the school-to-prison pipeline starts in schools, but a report published this month shows the criminal justice system's racial discrimination starts in schools too. On Wednesday, October 5th, the Dignity in Schools Campaign, National Education Policy Center (NEPC), and the Annenberg Institute for School Reform hosted a press briefing at the National Press Club for the release of the report "Discipline Policies, Successful Schools and Racial Justice." The report, authored by Daniel Losen of The Civil Rights Project/Proyecto de Derechos Civiles at UCLA, analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights and found that more than 28% of Black middle school boys had been suspended at least once, compared with 10% of white males nationwide.


U.C. Wastings said...

"We knew the school-to-prison pipeline starts in schools"

Do we know this? Or is this the heart of the big assumption [read: wishful thinking] "liberals" make about the world? Why are Asians so successful, despite their non-whiteness and non-English speaking parents?
Its parenting. Its cultural focus on education. Not all cultures are created equally.

Hadar Aviram said...

We do know this, UCW. It's been documented in various social science studies looking at the increased criminalization and policing in inner-city schools. Lizbet Simmons' work is a case in point, as is Victor Rios' recent book, to name only two examples among many.