Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another valuable resource

The Little Hoover Commission is an independent state oversight agency that has published a number of important studies on California Corrections.

Particularly notable is its 2007 Report, "Solving California's Correction's Problems: Time is Running Out."

Among the Report's key recommendations:

-- "The state must take back control of the prison medical
system, by developing a plan to work with an organization that can run the system for the State."

-- "The State must immediately take action to improve its management . . . and implement the recommendations made by this and other commissions, including expanding in-prison programs, improving prisoner reentry, and reallocating resources to communitybased alternatives."

-- "The State must re-invent parole, moving to a system of post-release supervision for certain prisoners to ensure public safety."

-- "The State should begin a comprehensive evaluation of its sentencing system by establishing an independent sentencing commission to develop guidelines for coherent and equitable sentencing guided by overarching criminal justice policy goals.

Another must read!

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