Friday, November 6, 2009

CA pot arrest increases beat national average

Today's SF Chron has a story on page C-4 about Dr. Jon Gettman's new report on Marijuana Arrests in the US. Marijuana arrests from 2003-2007 increased nationally by less than 3% annually, but in California increased by over 5% per year. Also, Californian African Americans are now arrested for marijuana possession at a rate of 270% over Caucasians, versus about 75% nationally.

Gettman concludes that the overall national marijuana arrest rate (between 3%-6%) is too insignificant to deter crime. So what public policy goal is served by using my tax dollars on incarceration?

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Hadar Aviram said...

In reading the report, Jesse, I didn't find anything legislation-wise to explain the increase in marijuana arrests in California. How might we explain this disproportional increase, then? Have policies subtly changed between 2003 and 2007?