Monday, April 23, 2012

MORE BREAKING NEWS: CDCR Announces $1.5 Billion Cuts By Doing the Right Things

This is shaping up to be quite a dramatic day here at CCC! CDCR has a brand new report out in which it announces plans to cut $1.5 billion out of its budget, doing things that seem eminently sensible. Here are some of the main propositions:

CDCR's projected population for state institution is quite a dramatic decline between 2012 and 2017. Their graphs predict a gradual decrease in inmate population from the current level of approximately 139,000 to 124,000. This decline, however, will be accompanied by an increase in the total numbers (and percentage) of elderly and infirm inmates.

Some of the changes will include changing security classification, including graduated housing and privileges, as well as a step-down program and support for inmates seeking to disengage from gangs.

CDCR also plans to increase the reach of its rehabilitation programs to 70% of the inmates, as well as various re-entry hubs complete with employment training, which will be primarily available during the last six months of prison time.

By 2015-2016, all out-of-state inmates will be returned to California, thus eliminating completely our reliance on contract beds with private corporations.

Serious changes are made to the mental health bed plan and to medical and dental care.

Read the report in its entirety; the charts and floor plans are instructive and helpful.

This is truly a day of hope for change in the correctional system, and one I see as the silver lining of our fiscal crisis. The need to be fiscally prudent is finally pushing us to do the right thing by our fellow Californians.

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