Thursday, June 4, 2015

Aquarius - New NBC Series, Loosely Based on Manson Family

NBC has released a new series, Aquarius, featuring David Duchovny as an LAPD officer in the late '60s. The series also features a central storyline loosely based on Charles Manson and the "family." But the Panthers and the explosive years of political rising and race consciousness also figure quite prominently. The series feels, so far, like a '60s smorgasbord, but it is not devoid of interest.

I'm currently working on my second book, tentatively titled Yesterday's Monsters, which examines parole hearings through the lens of the Manson family members' parole hearing transcripts, and am therefore interested in the depiction of the period in this show. My reviews of Aquarius episodes will be posted on the CCC blog, with links to full episode viewing and spoiler alerts.

Enjoy your summer. Or not.

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