Sunday, October 2, 2011

CDCR Medical Policy Regarding Hunger Strikers

More on the health concerns regarding the strike: Policy 4.22.2 of Prison Health Care Services, updated on September 29, 2011, details how inmates are to be treated during a hunger strike. Upon the beginning of a strike, participants' baseline weight and height are to be established, and a follow-up spreadsheet is created. Prison authorities are to follow up on participants' health and weight. The regulations emphasize respect for participants' autonomy regarding their health (feeding plans are to be offered, not coerced), and allow force-feeding in two cases only: An emergency situation or an inability to provide informed consent.

According to prison visitors, clinicians are monitoring inmates to keep an eye for any who may begin to show signs of starvation, but so far there have been no concerns. As of Sept. 30, 3,376 inmates in six prisons are on a hunger strike. They have missed nine or more consecutive meals since Monday, Sept. 26.

Institutions with hunger strike participants are:

  • Calipatria State Prison
  • Centinela State Prison
  • California State Prison-Corcoran
  • Ironwood State Prison
  • Pelican Bay State Prison
  • Salinas Valley State Prison

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