Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hunger Strike to Resume September 26

As reported last month on KQED (click above for report), CDCR is reconsidering its isolation policy at SHU units. But according to an open letter by Pelican Bay inmate Mutope Duguma to the Bay View, plans are in place for inmates to resume their hunger strike beginning September 26.

We had our last and final meeting with Undersecretary Scott Kernan on Aug. 18, 2011. Sitawa and the rest of the negotiators were very disappointed with the outcome because the undersecretary’s horns came out for real!

All the same, we are going forward with our indefinite hunger strike, which will start on Sept. 26, 2011. We know they probably have manipulated some new attempt to deal with us, but what they fail to realize is that we were never playing. If these people think we are going to remain under this tortuous treatment, then they will get the body count that they seek or a bunch of hospitals filled up throughout the state.

This is the only way to expose to the world how racist prison guards and officials have utilized policy in order to torture us. And we have the material to expose them because many of us suffer from serious medical conditions or a lack of medical treatment, which we inherited right here in SHU.

This letter would suggest that the meeting with Kernan, held a day after the announcement about reconsidering the conditions, failed to satisfy the inmates. I wonder what piece of the puzzle we're missing; that is, whether the inmates were told different things than suggested in the media. Do any of our readers have any information about the new strike plans?


Dan said...

I am sorry that you have been victimized in such a way. I support your fight, in the end righteousness will prevail.

mccarbro said...

I just got back from a Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity meeting and sources confirm that around 30 prisoners are definitely set on resuming the hunger strike on August 26th. There seems to be some different opinions amidst prisoners on whether they will all resume the strike but there is definitely a group committed to striking until all 5 core demands have been met, no matter the cost. Plans are going forward in order to support strikers in this decision in every way possible especially considering that the CDCR has made it known that they will not "tolerate" another strike.

Hadar Aviram said...

Thank you for updating us, mccarbro. We hope to continue covering this struggle.